(sorry this is something I submitted to a Phan blog a while ago when this discussion was still relevant and now I want it on this blog. >.<)

Video for context: (x) gif is from @0:58 but I recommend watching the whole thing for context!

So let’s talk about a thing. Most specifically, Dan and Phil’s reaction to Phil ‘moving in with Molly’. If you didn’t watch the video, what basically happened was that Phil and Molly from the Saturdays had talked last week on the radio show about their mutual fear of getting burgled and Phil jokingly proposed they move in together. Later on, on Aled’s show, Aled asked Molly about it and she said she just might take Phil up on his offer. (But you know, it’s obviously all a big joke and it means nothing.) Phil and Dan hadn’t heard about it, so they played it as a surprise clip on their show to see Phil’s reaction. Well anyway, there really was some interesting reactions. 

Dan’s reaction is the most obvious. He first widens his eyes in surprise, has this weird hurt expression on his face and finally he looks to the side (I suspect to compose himself). It’s such an intense reaction to a hypothetical situation that it really just confuses me. Was he jealous that Mollie said yes to Phil? Was he just acting to make this moment more interesting? Or does the thought of losing Phil (even hypothetically) really evoke that much emotion from him? *strokes beard sagely*

We also have Phil’s reaction to Dan’s reaction which is also very interesting (and imo the most telling). At first when Phil hears what Mollie says, he smiles really wide and pumps his fists in the air. He turns to look at Dan, still smiling widely (probably expecting Dan to share his enthusiasm or maybe in typical Dan manner, have some sort of sarcastic reaction). But then when Phil sees Dan’s oddly shaken reaction, his wide smile shrinks to a tight grin and he immediately brings his arms down and his shoulders kinda slump. He looks at Dan inquisitively as if to say “lighten up it was just a joke” but when it seems like Dan was genuinely hurt, he awkwardly looks away. (And in that moment I can almost feel how tiring it can be for them to hide their relationship ~if they are a couple~ and my heart just breaks). Phil’s reaction, to me, kinda crosses out the possibility that Dan was ~acting~. This brief interaction is much too layered (with facial expressions and body language) so unless they are secretly extra-seasoned actors, I doubt they could pull this off? I’m left thinking that there was genuine emotion behind Dan’s reaction and Phil saw it and reacted to it. 

Finally we are left with this, which is what Dan tweeted after the radio show:

I swear this is the most passive aggressive tweet I have ever seen hahah. Notice the our lounge (translation: I ain’t goin nowhere Mollie!). And idk if Dan is just a shitty wingman but I don’t think reminding a girl that you and your ~bff~ are more domestic and settled (caring about lounge decoration together? can Dan and Phil be more married?) than she can ever dream to be with him is a good tactic. Don’t even get me started on gay stereotypes about home decorating.  Just LOL. I see this as Dan’s desperate attempt at trying to play it cool which miserably failed because it’s so transparent. (bless him)